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Unified Data Platform

Sikoia allows you to quickly gather all the data you need on a customer or counterparty to take data-driven business decisions.

  • Access a fully enriched, 360º view of your customer

  • Implement your escalation and review process flows

  • Make compliance decisions quicker and more thoroughly

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Customer Operations

  • Accelerate time-to-onboard through automated data collection and fewer manual touchpoints​

  • Manage caseloads, track progress with modular checklists and quickly resolve issues​

  • Access and review customer information in a centralised location​


  • Ensure regulatory compliance, prevent fines and reputational damage​

  • Make more accurate decisions more quickly, by automating your policies and processes​

  • Track all findings, actions, and outcomes to support your reporting requirements across your customers lifecycle ​


  • Support exceptional customer experiences by accessing all the data and vendor capabilities you need​

  • Easily add new features and customise your own customer onboarding and verification flows​

  • Gain insights from a comprehensive customer data view​


  • Reduce multiple vendor complexity, maintenance, and scaling challenges, without reintegration or re-coding ​

  • Easily integrate with multiple data sources and vendors using our Unified API​

  • Support custom capabilities and sophisticated analyses on top of clean data, structured and normalised around your customers​

What Sikoia enables

Advanced data management capabilities

Access all the data you need through our modular, easy-to-use platform, enabling you to quickly take decisions and to efficiently manage and prioritise their workloads.

Less manual work and cost savings

Save your data engineering and risk operation teams time by reducing manual tasks and automating processes. Ultimately leading to more cost-efficient operations and no data duplicity.

Automated workflows and reporting

Encode your policies for automated evaluation, and demonstrate your own compliance with our integrated and audit capabilities.

Summary of our key features

Customer Data Portal

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With Sikoia's customer data portal, you can easily access all the information you need on a customer or prospect to make informed business decisions. Empowering you to quickly gather and analyse data and streamlining the decision-making process, ​saving you time and reducing customer friction.

Unified API

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Sikoia's unified API gives you programmatic access to our platform through a restful JSON API. That means more technical users can create, request, review, and take action on data directly through the API. Enabling you to automate and improve your existing processes within the Sikoia Unified Data Platform or your own tools.

Data Enrichment

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Sikoia gathers data from multiple sources and create a standardised 360° view of your customer. With this comprehensive view, you'll be able to make data-driven decisions that improve customer experiences and drive business growth.

Case Management

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With Sikoia's case management functionality, your teams can easily make informed decisions based on the 360° customer view we provide. Our platform empowers your teams to efficiently manage and prioritise their workloads, allowing them to focus on what matters most - providing exceptional customer experiences.

Decisioning Checklists

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With Sikoia's checklists feature, you can set up fully customised rules that automatically determine if a case passes your unique internal policy requirements. No need to write a single line of code - our platform simplifies the process and streamlines your operations.


A flexible API for developers

By utilising our API, you can seamlessly enhance your products and services with precision, providing a better experience for your customers. Whether you're seeking to streamline workflows, improve data accuracy, or enhance your offerings, our API provides the necessary tools and data to help you achieve your business objectives.


Powerful reconciliation and process automation

Eliminate the hassle of reconciling customer data from unorganised spreadsheets or outdated systems. Our platform automates your key risk evaluations, whether that’s onboarding and customer due diligence, ongoing monitoring, credit decisioning, or any other risk assessment,​ saving you time and reducing customer friction.

Getting started is easy

Get started quickly with our standalone portal or plug in to your existing customer experiences or systems with our unified API.

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