Income and Employment Verification

Automate your verification checks

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    Avoid unnecessary time spent on manual payslips, tax return and bank statement reviews

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    Automatically check for completeness, ensuring documents meet your evidentiary requirements

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    Easily cross-validate data across documents and other data, checking for completeness and consistency

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Revolutionise your operations with automated income and employment verification, drawing on payslips, tax returns, bank statements and open banking. Automatically validate and extract data from customer documents as soon as they’re available. Ditch manual reviews, boost your productivity, and transform your customer experience.

3 simple steps that can easily be integrated in your own systems

Create a case (or application)

Create a case for either a single or joint application, grouping all relevant documents in one place.

Upload documents

Upload your customer documents via our secure platform, either manually or through our API, ensuring a hassle-free submission process.

Retrieve insights

Retrieve validated income and employment data, extracted using our advanced AI and proprietary models.

How it improves your bottom line

Reduce manual document review time

Automatically extract verified data from customer documents, reducing manual review time of certain customer application documents by more than 75%.

Reduce application turnaround times

Reduce customer back-and-forth and assess applications in minutes, transforming your customer experience and freeing up your team to concentrate on providing value-added advice.

Minimise manual keying efforts

Reduce the burden of double keying information in various systems. Our platform ensures seamless data integration, eliminating the need for redundant manual data entry and reducing the risk of errors or omissions.

Integrate seamlessly into your own systems

Effortlessly integrate automated proof of income and employment capabilities into your systems using our API. Whether enhancing front-end customer portals for direct data pre-population and real-time document completeness feedback, or transforming back-end systems and processes to streamline reviews and automate decisions, our flexible, enterprise-grade API can be integrated quickly and precisely to support your requirements.

Explore our Product Sheet

Want to dive deeper into our Solution? Our Product Sheet is your go-to resource for a comprehensive breakdown of what we offer. From the cutting-edge processes to the actionable insights generated.