Customer Evaluation Dashboard

A 360º view of your customers

  • Checkmark symbol representing verification or completion.

    Request identity and open banking data from customers via our white-labelled solution

  • Checkmark symbol representing verification or completion.

    Enrich your data with information from public registries, credit bureaus, AML providers, and more

  • Checkmark symbol representing verification or completion.

    Track the status of decisions, drive team collaboration using notes, and implement clear roles and permissions

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Sikoia’s Dashboard gives your team a single point of access to manage all the data they need to verify your customers, including identity data, AML checks, credit reports, and open banking and financial documents. Streamline how you manage your most complex verifications, reduce communication barriers within your team, and automatically request additional information from your customers as needed.

Manage your most complex cases more efficiently

Manage your data from a single dashboard

Consolidate all you customer verification information, helping your team make informed business decisions quickly and with confidence.

Evaluate data against your policy requirements

Instantly check to see if verified information aligns or fails to align with your policy requirements.

Initiate additional information requests

Automatically trigger data enrichment requests from our network of leading vendors or directly from customers via white-labelled flows (e.g., open banking, identity verification).

How it improves your bottom line

Efficiency and time savings

Improve your team's efficiency through clearer data access permissions, better data accessibility, and efficient decision status tracking all within a single system.

Improved decision-making

Ensure consistent, data-driven decision-making by maintaining live decision checklists and up-to-date information, whether it's financial, identity, or AML-related.

Audit trail and compliance

Ensure traceability of decisioning and activity logs for enhanced compliance.

Unified case view

Sikoia allows users to gather and cross-reference verification data on companies and individuals, initiate customer interactions, and extract actionable insights from varied sources. Our platform ensures that case management never becomes a bottleneck to effective customer engagement. With Sikoia, you gain an edge in precision, quality, and agility, tailored to your unique operational needs.

Explore our Product Sheet

Want to dive deeper into our Solution? Our Product Sheet is your go-to resource for a comprehensive breakdown of what we offer. From the cutting-edge processes to the actionable insights generated.