Regulated Businesses

Easily authenticate customers and businesses

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    Reduce client touchpoints and friction whilst remaining compliant

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    Orchestrate automated checks based on your unique regulatory requirements and risk policies

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    Access a comprehensive selection of data in minutes — without complex integration or ongoing maintenance

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An end-to-end platform for regulated businesses

Reduce compliance complexity

Satisfy your specific regulatory requirements across different jurisdictions, ensuring your compliance and safeguarding your business.

Identify and verify

Authenticate individuals and businesses to prevent fraud and minimise your counterparty risk.

Optimise risk management

Implement effective strategies to assess and mitigate your operational and financial risks, protecting your business without slowing you down.


Powerful international client verification

"We are very happy with Sikoia and we would select them again today. Their international data coverage and platform meet our needs, and we are expanding our usage to assess businesses globally." ​

Alix Brunet, Principal


Tailored solutions for your needs

Unlike one-size-fits-all solutions, Sikoia's provider-agnostic platform enables seamless integration of your preferred data sources and partnerships, ensuring a custom solution for optimal business outcomes.

Decisioning Automation

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Implement and automate rules to encode your organisation's unique internal policies using Sikoia's Decisioning Automation. Ensure that every case review is in perfect alignment with your organisational priorities and risk appetite, all within a fully traceable and scalable framework.

Configurable data platform

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Access all the identity and financial data you require through our unified API, including global registry access, company documents, and key financial data from Open Banking and credit reports. Sikoia provides turnkey access to enhance your own data, ensuring more comprehensive onboarding assessments.

Case Management

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Effortlessly review, investigate, and resolve cases. Our unified client data dashboard lets you prioritise each case, centralising all relevant information, from customer due diligence to comprehensive financial and affordability insights. Collaborate effectively, manage access, and ensure informed decision-making every step of the way.


Real results, proven excellence

Enhanced trust and security

Build confidence among stakeholders through secure and transparent processes.

Less manual work

A single platform to access and orchestrate everything needed to evaluate risk more efficiently.

Supercharged compliance

With Sikoia, you can make your compliance process so good it's a competitive advantage.

International standardisation of data and compliance for scalable, cross-border operations.

Sikoia’s Unified Data Platform allows regulated businesses to conduct thorough customer onboarding and due diligence – supporting their reporting obligations through a single comprehensive platform, with no need to negotiate multiple data provider contracts. Eliminate the hassle of reconciling customer data from unorganised spreadsheets or outdated systems. Our platform automates your key risk evaluations, saving you time and reducing customer friction, allowing you to deliver delightful customer experiences.

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Learn on your own time; what and how these checks are conducted as well as what out put insights.

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