Instant customer affordability and budget insights

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    Plug-and-play with multiple types of customer bank data, from PDF bank statements to open banking

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    Recognise income and expenses in a standardised and consistent format

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    Unique library of data models and templates to recognise anomalies

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Elevate your Affordability Assessments with Sikoia's Affordability Insights. As the financial landscape evolves, digitisation and automation become indispensable. Our platform leverages Open Banking and processes Bank Statement data to provide automated, sophisticated analyses. Benefit from quicker, more accurate assessments, superior client service, and streamlined operations.

Win with a competitive advantage

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Reduce time spent from days to seconds

Improve financial analysis and affordability checks with our integrated transaction categorisation engine, enabling more streamlined and accurate affordability assessments.

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Enhance your customer experience

Enhance customer experience with minimal data input and intelligent automation for accuracy, Consumer Duty support, trust, and satisfaction.

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Robust risk management

Enhance risk controls by standardising and automating processes at scale. Shift from spot checks to a risk-based approach, improve efficiency, and leverage our integrated audit capabilities to track compliance.

Tangible results from day one

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75% cut of manual document reviews

Reduce manual reviews of customer application documents by brokers and underwriters by 75%, boosting efficiency and customer service.

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20% conversion increase

Streamline your verification process by accepting applications without necessarily requiring Open Banking connections, improving customer inclusivity and accessibility.

Reduce transaction tampering fraud

Combat fraud by quickly cross-validating data to identify, investigate, and address any inconsistencies.


Unveil Sikoia's power

Boost your bottom line with efficient automation of customer bank data categorisation to automatically run affordability insights and flag common risk factors, uncover cross-selling chances, and supercharge efficiency.

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    Extraction success rate of 98%

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    75% cut in manual reviews of customer documents

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    £ savings depending on your current processes

See the benefits for your own business – simply enter your estimates into the calculator to see the impact Sikoia can have.

Unlocking richer financial insight

    Sikoia’s Affordability Insights combines configurable categorisation and analysis with universal bank transaction ingestion, using multiple types of data provided by your customers. Effortlessly extract vital data to support comprehensive analysis, streamlining complex tasks such as loan assessments, affordability checks, cross-validations, and more. Sikoia lets you digitise and automate complex financial workflows.

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