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Ready-to-use data dashboard

Data Dashboard

Deploy white-labelled verification flows and decisioning checklists, from day one. Sikoia’s full-featured dashboard is designed to help teams verify their customer data immediately, without any complex integration.

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    Immediately access multiple data categories to verify customer data

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    Decisioning checklists to automate eligibility and suitability checks

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    Comprehensive tooling to help your teams operate efficiently

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DATA Standalone access

A 360 customer view for business users

Sikoia’s dashboard gives your teams access to all the data and capabilities they need to start verifying customer data immediately. With integrations to a comprehensive source of premium data providers, white-labelled customer facing flows, and rich data analysis visualisation tools, your teams can get going straightaway, with no tech dependency or lengthy integrations.


Modules to support your use-case

Quickly deepen your customer insights and refine customer verification, from onboarding to credit decisions. Pick and choose between our data provider and modules to meet your specific requirements, whether for KYC or KYB.

    Deploy white-labelled flows and decisioning checklists from day 1

    Automated evaluations for speed and accuracy

    Sikoia’s dashboard allows you to  deploy a suite of decisioning checklists, accelerating and standardising your eligibility and suitability checks. Enabling you to automate the majority of cases, and only focus your time on the more complex cases.

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    Features to empower your teams

    Sikoia’s dashboard helps your teams manage complex verification at scale. Sikoia's comprehensive case management capabilities, automation, and unique AML co-pilot, Sikoia helps both individuals and teams verify customer data at scale.

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    Enterprise grade services

    Built on the same APIs that some of the largest names in the industry use, Sikoia’s dashboard is secure, scalable and robust. With our integrated helpdesk and customer success teams, we’re here to make sure you get the most out of the platform from day 1.

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    Does Sikoia have an interface where user access can be managed?
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    Sikoia's dashboard enables you to control user access and set unique roles and permission levels for each member of your team.

    How configurable is Sikoia to accommodate each customer's unique requirements?
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    Sikoia's platform is highly configurable. Clients can plug-and-play with Sikoia's global ecosystem of data providers, selecting the providers they need. Sikoia provides the most complete set of reliable and relevant data sources, customised to specific requirements, including PEPs/Sanctions, Credit Bureaus, Adverse Media, Fraud, IDV checks, Open banking, Company registries, AML, and Document Data Extraction.

    Sikoia's clients can also use its APIs to integrate data and capabilities into their existing processes very precisely.

    Is there a limit to how many data sources Sikoia can handle in a single case?
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    No, it simply comes down to the clients' needs.

    How does Sikoia work with its data providers?
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    Sikoia works with data providers either as resellers or integrators. Where Sikoia acts as resellers, clients may choose to use their existing agreements instead.

    Can Sikoia provide the data and insights through an API?
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    Yes. Sikoia's Unified API is built on a RESTful JSON API to enable programmatic access to the platform. This allows clients' more technical users to create, request, review, and action data over an API, enabling them to automate and enhance their existing processes within the Sikoia ecosystem or even their own tools.