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    Remain compliant in an ever-changing international regulatory landscape

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    Process high volumes without losing sight of critical details

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    Balance rigorous compliance with exceptional customer experiences

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An innovative platform for business & SME payments

International company verification

Augment your data quality and efficiency with our comprehensive data enrichment capabilities. Automatically enhance data directly from market-leading sources, such as company registries and credit bureaus in over 20+ countries.

Streamlined SME compliance checks

Streamline SME compliance checks with our integrated case management system. Unified data collection and process automation help maintain regulatory standards and operational agility.

Automated eligibility checks

Reinvent the way you handle eligibility and onboarding checks through our intelligent decisioning automation. Automate your decision-making processes, allowing for faster and more consistent evaluations.


The solution for streamlined KYC/KYB

"Sikoia helps us improve our customer experience and the strength of our onboarding evaluations. With Sikoia, we’ve been able to integrate the essential data and capabilities needed for robust and accurate KYC/KYB assessments, all while preserving our unparalleled user experience. "

Antony Oduwole, CPO


Tailored solutions, unmatched results

Unlike one-size-fits-all solutions, Sikoia's provider-agnostic platform enables seamless integration of your preferred data sources and partnerships, ensuring a custom solution for optimal business outcomes.

Decisioning Automation

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Move beyond manual evaluations with streamlined process automation. Pre-configure your pre-eligibility and Know Your Business (KYB) policies, and accelerate your decision-making, ensuring strict compliance and reducing the risk of errors.

Case Management

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Collaborate effectively, manage access, and ensure informed decision-making every step of the way. Our unified client data dashboard prioritises each case, enabling clients to consolidate all pertinent information, from IDV requests to status updates. Collaborate effectively, manage access, and ensure informed decision-making every step of the way.

Configurable data platform

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Access all the identity and financial data you require through our unified API, including global registry access, company documents, and key financial data from Open Banking and company credit reports. Sikoia provides turnkey access to enhance your own data, ensuring more comprehensive onboarding assessments.


Measurable success and tangible gains

20% efficiency improvement

Precision-engineered tools designed to elevate process efficiency by 20%.

Risk mitigation

Minimised operational and compliance risks with standardised data and compliance solutions for multi-regional operations.

Faster onboarding

Improved onboarding times through automation, reducing customer churn.

Transforming compliance into opportunities

At Sikoia, we transform onboarding and compliance into opportunities, not just routine tasks. Automate your journey with our unified platform, ensuring efficiency without hindering customer engagement. With Sikoia, you gain an edge in precision, quality, and agility, all tailored to your unique operational needs. It's not just about staying ahead of risks, it's about turning them into opportunities.

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Learn on your own time; what and how these checks are conducted as well as what out put insights.

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