AI-powered AML Screening

Automate AML screening

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    Cut through the noise by minimising false positives and getting an efficient summary of all genuine hits

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    Get the full picture instantly with quick overview, and make informed decisions more quickly with the support of AI

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    Streamline human reviews with a user-friendly dashboard, eliminating cumbersome processes for focused efficiency

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When conducting Anti-Money Laundering (AML) checks, raw information is available in vast quantities, but the scarcity of relevant, actionable insights presents a significant challenge. Your teams need to meticulously filter through the abundant data to uncover the precise information essential for informed and accurate compliance decisions. Sikoia's AML Solution cuts through the hassle of traditional checks, revolutionising the process.

Enabling more efficient teams

Reduce manual review effort

Accelerate KYC and KYB processes and enhance revenue growth through meticulous filtering and automation.

Customise oversight with ease

Move beyond rigid traditional AML checks by customising reviews to align with business standards, providing tailored solutions without complexity.

Exclude false positives

Transform the compliance process by rapidly and efficiently excluding false positives, allowing a refined search focus where it's needed most, and offering an efficient approach to compliance.

How it improves your bottom line

Increased efficiency

Boosted AML efficiency thanks to targeted elimination of false positives, cutting through noise and focusing on what's relevant.

Reduced risk of manual error

Higher compliance accuracy with an automated screening process that supports compliance obligations, meeting and exceeding industry standards without the risk of costly errors.

Amplified oversight

Eliminate the cumbersome intricacies of traditional AML checks by tailoring oversight to business needs, ensuring a perfect fit from day one without technological hassle.

Embrace a smarter approach to AML compliance

Sikoia’s Intelligent AML insights introduce a sophisticated degree of customisation, designed to support your distinct AML requirements. With advanced false-positive filtering and transparent risk assessment ratings, Sikoia’s configurable dashboard elevates AML compliance from mere efficiency to a process expertly shaped to your needs, offering a higher level of precision, control, and clarity.

Explore our Product Sheet

Want to dive deeper into our Solution? Our Product Sheet is your go-to resource for a comprehensive breakdown of what we offer. From the cutting-edge processes to the actionable insights generated.