KYB/C Decisioning Engine

Enhance efficiency with automated verification

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    Track outcomes back to their original data sources, ensuring transparency and accountability

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    Configure rules to match your unique policy requirements

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    Accelerate complex customer onboarding and verification processes

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Automate rules to assess cases against your specific policy requirements, without the need for complex coding. Empower your team with greater data control, improving their operational efficiency and accuracy. Sikoia’s Decisioning Automation frees up valuable time to concentrate on tasks that really require manual intervention.

Achieve more with automated checklists

Reduce operational and compliance risk

Eliminate error-prone manual processes and minimise subjectivity by leveraging automation and unified data access.

Improve your customer experience

Make better decisions faster. Enhance efficiency through automated data collection and decision-making, reducing the need for extensive customer input and delivering superior customer experiences and conversion rates.

Tailored automation without complex integration

Forget the coding complexities and integration backlogs. Design and deploy your decisioning automation with ease, making sure every case adheres to your standards without the tech hassle.

Tangible results from day one

75% reduction in manual reviews documents

Eliminate manual processes, boosting efficiency and productivity. Sikoia ensures a 75% of manual reviews of certain customer application documents, boosting efficiency.

20% increase in conversion rates

Automated application decisioning and streamline turnaround times, delivering up to 20% increase in conversion.

Audit trail and compliance

Ensure traceability of decisioning and activity logs for enhanced compliance. Make sure you customer information is up-to-date and refresh as needed.

Meet your policy requirements with automation

Sikoia streamlines customer verification checks, enabling you to create tailored checklists for specific entities (business or consumers) and data types (credit bureaus, identity, open banking, AML etc). Seamlessly integrate or refresh data from our integrated marketplace whenever needed, complementing customer-supplied information.

Explore our Product Sheet

Want to dive deeper into our Solution? Our Product Sheet is your go-to resource for a comprehensive breakdown of what we offer. From the cutting-edge processes to the actionable insights generated.