Streamline applications with automated document reviews

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    Generate affordability analytics and budget planners directly from bank statements or Open Banking

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    Automate your most complex cases by extracting data directly from tax returns and payslips

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    Demonstrate your consumer duty with consistent and auditable suitability decisions

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Make your customer journey more efficient

Pre-populate your fact find and budget planner

Reduce the need for manual data entry for you and your customers, freeing up more time to focus on value added work, removing unnecessary back and forth, and ultimately improving the overall customer experience.

Remove manual document verification and keying

Say goodbye to the complexities of manual reviews of documents. With our automated solution, generate proof of income and employment details automatically and consistently from customer documents like payslips and tax returns.

Instantly identify flags and risk indicators

Focus on relevant risk indicators such existing loans, unusual transactions, discrepancies in documents or flags such as insurance for cross-selling. Provide a more personalized service to your customers.


Powerful capabilities enabling seamless mortgage decisions

“Sikoia allows us to integrate the identity data and financial insights we need into our consumer journey quickly and simply, helping us make home ownership accessible to more young people than ever before.“

Vincent Huber, CEO


Powerful capabilities enabling seamless mortgage applications

Unlike one-size-fits-all solutions, Sikoia's provider-agnostic platform enables seamless integration of your preferred data sources and partnerships, ensuring a custom solution for optimal business outcomes.

Affordability Insights

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Automatically run affordability calculations from open banking or bank statement data. With granular transaction categorisation and insightful indicators, we reduce the risk of manual error and power the most accurate affordability assessments.

Income and employment

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Leverage our automated system for proof of income and employment, verified directly from payslips and tax returns. Streamline the verification process, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

Unified Data Marketplace

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Benefit from a single access point with our unified dashboard and API integration to support and enhance your existing processes. Centralise and unify applicants’ identity and financial data, including key affordability data points from Credit Bureaus, PEPS/Sanctions, Adverse Media, IDV, Open Banking, or data extracted from financial documents, ensuring a comprehensive overview.


Unlock success with Sikoia

Cut document review time by 75%

Streamline your operations by automating your bank statements review processes and enable your back office to promptly make accurate decisions with a heightened focus on customer needs.

Reduce application turnaround times

Save the typical hour spent on verifying application documents and unnecessary back-and-forth with customers. With Sikoia, assess applications in a matter of minutes, allowing your team to concentrate on providing value-added advice.

Minimise manual keying efforts

Reduce the burden of double keying for brokers and lenders. Our platform ensures seamless data integration, eliminating the need for redundant manual data entry and reducing the risk of errors in the mortgage application process.

Streamlining mortgage assessments

Sikoia streamlines the complexities of the mortgage assessment process and significantly enhances your efficiency. By transforming the manual and disjointed customer data collection and assessment processes into smooth, automated experiences, you unlock precision, quality, and the agility to meet your unique operational needs. More than just efficiency, Sikoia ensures that compliance is embedded in your customer engagements, ensuring that regulatory requirements never impede meaningful interactions.

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Learn on your own time; what and how these checks are conducted as well as what out put insights.

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