Reduce your admin work from hours to minutes

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    Make informed and precise decisions with configurable unique affordability and budget planner insights

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    Accelerate loan approvals while minimising errors and susceptibility to fraudulent applications

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    Boost operational efficiency through automation, including affordability analysis, compliance checks, and bank statement tampering detection.

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A Unified Platform for mortgage providers

Automate affordability insights

Upgrade from manual and time-consuming bank transaction analyses to automated processes, leading to fewer manual errors and the ability to make more accurate and consistent decisions.

Enhance customer experiences

Support more ways for customers to provide you data through innovative solutions such as Open Banking and Bank Statement ingestion and categorisation, or IDV checks and automated AML screening, reducing unnecessary back and forth with the customer.

Reduce manual errors

Automate the labour-intensive, manual processes involved in mortgage underwriting and compliance, reducing application turnaround time and leading to a significant reduction in operational costs without sacrificing quality or adherence to regulations.


Optimising KYC/KYB

"Our customer experience and the strength of our onboarding evaluations are what set us apart from the competition, and Sikoia has helped us maintain both. With Sikoia, we’ve been able to integrate the essential data and capabilities needed for robust and accurate KYC/KYB assessments, all while preserving our unparalleled user experience.​"

Co-founder & CPO


Tailored solutions for mortgage providers

Unlike one-size-fits-all solutions, Sikoia's provider-agnostic platform enables seamless integration of your preferred data sources and partnerships, ensuring a custom solution for optimal business outcomes.

Affordability Insights

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Gain immediate insights from bank data, standardised across Open Banking and PDF Bank Statements. With customisable transaction categorisation and configurable flags and risk indicators, we reduce errors and power the most accurate affordability assessments.

Case Management

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Effortlessly review, investigate, and resolve cases. Our unified client data dashboard prioritises each case, enabling clients to amalgamate all pertinent information, from IDV requests to status updates. Collaborate effectively, manage access, and ensure informed decision-making every step of the way.

Unified Data Marketplace

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Enjoy a single access point with our unified dashboard and API integration to support and elevate your existing processes. Centralise and unify applicants’ identity and financial data, including key affordability data points from Credit Bureaus, PEPS/Sanctions, Adverse Media, IDV, Open Banking, or data extracted from financial documents, ensuring a comprehensive overview.


Unlock success with Sikoia

75% efficiency gains

Reduce manual reviews for brokers and underwriters, significantly boosting efficiency and customer focus. Our innovative tools support a remarkable 75% workflow boost, letting you make more appropriate decisions more quickly.

20% conversion increase

Streamline your verification process by accepting applications without any Open Banking dependencies, improving customer inclusivity and accessibility.

Reduce transaction tampering

Combat fraud by quickly cross-validating data to identify, investigate, and address any inconsistencies.

Streamlining mortgage assessments

Sikoia helps you manage the complexities of the mortgage assessment process, more efficiently. Turn the challenges of manual assessments and customer data collection into your strengths. Sikoia can help you gain an edge in precision, quality, and agility, all tailored to your unique operational needs. But we don't stop at efficiency: our system ensures that compliance never becomes a barrier to genuine customer engagement.

Getting started is easy

Get started quickly with our standalone portal; or plug in to your existing customer experiences or systems with our unified API.