SME Lending

Make more informed lending decisions faster

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    Access comprehensive company overviews and financial data instantly with just a company name

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    Prequalify your top of funnel and approve applicants more quickly

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    Make more accurate decisions more quickly and increase your customer base

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A Unified Platform for lenders

A unified financial overview

Swiftly acquire customer financial data, including transactions, affordability, credit scores, and accurately assess lending capacity.

Encode your risk-based onboarding policies

Implement formal due diligence and rule setting, with our robust AML and Customer Due Diligence capabilities.

Convert more customers

Upgrade from manual and time-consuming processes to automated risk assessment, making accurate loan decisions faster.


Optimising KYC/KYB

"Our customer experience and the strength of our onboarding evaluations are what set us apart from the competition, and Sikoia has helped us maintain both. With Sikoia, we’ve been able to integrate the essential data and capabilities needed for robust and accurate KYC/KYB assessments, all while preserving our unparalleled user experience.​"

Co-founder & CPO


Tailored solutions, unmatched results

Unlike one-size-fits-all solutions, Sikoia's provider-agnostic platform enables seamless integration of your preferred data sources and partnerships, ensuring a custom solution for optimal business outcomes.

Unified Data Platform

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Benefit from a single access point with our unified dashboard and API integration that supports and elevates your existing processes. Centralise and unify applicant identity and financial data, data extracted from company and financial documents, and multiple other sources, ensuring a comprehensive overview.

Affordability Insights

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Gain immediate insights from bank data, standardised across Open Banking and PDF Bank Statements. With tailored transaction categorisation and configurable flags and risk indicators, we reduce errors, power accurate affordability assessments and pick up on document tempering.

Decisioning Automation

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Implement and automate rules to encode your organisation's unique internal policies using Sikoia's Decisioning Automation. Ensure that every case review is in perfect alignment with your organisational priorities and risk appetite, all within a fully traceable and scalable framework.


Real results, proven excellence

Reduce application times

Improve your conversion rates by minimising customer touchpoints, and making decisions faster.

Streamlined loan approval

Automate routine assessments, allowing your team to concentrate on the most intricate cases, thereby improving decision-making efficiency.

Improved risk management

Enhance your risk management practices with our comprehensive toolkit, improving your ability to convert more customers in a standardised, repeatable manner.

Rapid SME lending with instant data access

In the demanding world of SME lending, where risk management and time efficiency are critical, lenders are typically beset by challenges. Sikoia gives you instant access to vital company overviews and financial data, all from just a company name. With integrated KYC and AML data checks, Sikoia's technology ensures that you operate within compliance boundaries while drastically increasing lending and credit approvals. It's time to leave the bottlenecks behind and embrace a solution that aligns perfectly with the fast-paced demands of the modern lending environment.

Getting started is easy

Get started quickly with our standalone portal; or plug in to your existing customer experiences or systems with our unified API.