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Our vision

Unlock the power of data for financial services to be more competitive, customer-centric, and inclusive.

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Our Mission

Create the future where businesses operate with the most up-to-date and accurate counter-party information, increasing trust in the financial ecosystem and expanding access to underserved communities.

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Onboarding, verification and risk assessment processes are inefficient


Onboarding and risk assessment tend to be manual and involve multiple stakeholders, data sources, and systems.

In financial services, typically 40% of onboarding time is spent on customer due diligence.


Implementing, maintaining and orchestrating data sources and providers requires considerable resources, technologies and personnel.

This results in manual processes, unnecessary operational costs and increasing technical debt all whilst increasing friction with customers.

Prone to error

Risk assessment requires complex reconciliation across multiple data sources to ensure information is accurate and up-to-date.

Manual processes are prone to error, leading to missed opportunities and costly mistakes.

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We have been recognised by some of the worlds most prominent news outlets:

At Sikoia, we want to change this​

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By providing a single orchestration and access point for business and consumer data, we can help businesses operate more efficiently, make smarter business decisions and drive growth.

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By providing a provider-agnostic marketplace for businesses to access the latest innovation and most accurate data, we allow them to be more competitive and customer-centric.

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By better understanding customers, suppliers, and partners, we aim to increase trust in the ecosystem and help businesses access more opportunities.

Explore our solution pages to learn how our robust suite of robust solutions enhances customer onboarding and verification, tailored to meet your unique needs.

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Our leadership team

Alexis Rog

Founder & CEO at Sikoia

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Stephen Simmons

Co-Founder & CDO

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Alastair Bulger

Co-Founder & CCO

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Marie Kyle


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Our values

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We think globally and act locally

Borderless ambition acknowledging local differences

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We celebrate diversity of opinions

Everybody is empowered to bring new perspectives

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We don’t compromise on our standards

Accountability, Respect, Fairness

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We care about results and outcomes

We want to make an impact and get things done

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We don’t settle for good enough

We strive for excellence and be the best at what we do

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We bet on talent and build around them

We value people, not roles and processes

Our investors

We are backed by some of Europe’s leading venture capital funds and Fintech founders:


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