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We offer several flexible commercial structures and pricing plans to support organisations of any sophistication and scale.


Quickly access and analyse all the data you need to make informed, data-driven decisions.

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Ideal for new market entrants and early-stage businesses that need the tools and data access to immediately support customer verification, onboarding, and due diligence.

  • Access to our 360° Customer Data Portal

  • Pay-as-you-go access to our integrated data vendors

  • International data coverage on-demand, without complex vendor negotiation

  • Integrated customer support

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Usage-based pricing
12-month contract
Monthly minimum commitment


Designed to support your growth, with additional features, data access, and automation.

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Ideal for growing businesses with a stable minimum volume that want to embed operational efficiencies and automate compliance and risk assessments, while supporting better customer experiences.

Everything in Starter, plus: ​
  • Case management and team collaboration capabilities

  • Configurable decisioning checklists to automate your onboarding and KYC/B rules

  • Access to our unified APIs

  • Expand your existing data provider access on-demand

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Monthly platform fee
12-month contract
Variable data fees


Get tailored solutions, bespoke analytics and insights, and dedicated support and success.

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Ideal for companieswith unique data and compliance requirements looking to implement exceptional customised experiences and leverage bespoke insights.

Everything in Scale, plus: ​
  • Tailored decisioning checklists and case management workflows

  • Unique customer data insights and portfolio analytics

  • Integrate your own customer data and commercial partnerships

  • Dedicated customer success team and Enterprise SLAs

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Monthly platform fee
24-month contract
Custom data and insights packages