Case Management

Clarity and precision in every case decision

  • Checkmark symbol representing verification or completion.

    Monitor actions, changes, timings, and responsible parties for each case

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    Enable an enhanced collaborative environment, effortlessly routing cases based on areas of expertise

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    Highlight business-critical actions and updates

Talk to an expert

Enhance collaboration using our case management tools. Minimise communication barriers, swiftly elevate priority tasks, and seamlessly request additional information such as IDV from your customers. Each case can accommodate as many companies and individuals as required. Easily assign tasks, manage access levels, and update statuses to indicate subsequent steps.

Enabling more efficient teams

Permissions and roles

Assign pre-defined roles and granular permissions to each team member.

Unified customer view

Consolidate vital information effortlessly, positioning your team for informed business decisions.

Case status monitoring

Track onboarding process steps and case status for both customers and users.

How it improves your bottom line

Agent efficiency

Make agents more proficient using hyper-tailored case views and templates.

Streamlined collaboration

Simplify teamwork and drive cases forward leveraging individual expertise.

Consistent processes

Ensure each case is handled according to a standardised process ensuring consistency and reducing the likelihood of errors.

Unified, 360° case view

Sikoia allows users to effortlessly gather data on companies and individuals, link them to pertinent cases, initiate customer interactions, or extract insights from varied sources. Our platform ensures that case management never becomes a bottleneck to effective customer engagement. With Sikoia, you gain an edge in precision, quality, and agility, all tailored to your unique operational needs.

Getting started is easy

Get started quickly with our standalone portal; or plug in to your existing customer experiences or systems with our unified API.